The Tolls (updated September 3, 2021)

A scientist reached out to us recently saying, “Scientists can lie — but the data doesn’t.” When it comes to the official number of injuries and deaths post-injection from the experimental “vaccines” still in clinical trials until 2023 for COVID-19, the statistics are staggering. We have published these numbers here recently, as well as in our documentary videos, but some readers said their family members accused us of pushing “fake” numbers. The reason, we surmise, is because they didn’t hear it on CNN et al. Indeed, the mainstream media — obsessed with putting little tickers in the corner of your screen to count “cases” and COVID deaths — is suddenly mute when it comes to the death tolls after people have received the jab. Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. will censor and ban you for publishing this government data. This media coverup is astounding if not criminal.



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