Not to be divided. Not to be conquered.

Hello everyone,

I am sending out this long overdue communication to everyone who has joined our little movement. I want to thank all of you who have sent me messages of encouragement. I really appreciate it, and it serves a confirmation that we on the right track. For those of you who have not heard of us before, check out our About Us page on our website:

You'll notice, of course, that the name I chose for such an effort seems somewhat incongruous to addressing the issues surrounding the efficacy and safety of the COVID vaccines. Without downplaying the very real health risk of COVID, the answer, however, is that I don't believe the principal risk of COVID is health-related. The real risk is related to the loss of our freedoms brought upon by fear, and ultimately, the loss of our salvation. If this observation is not apparent to you yet, it will be in the weeks, months, and years to come. Eventually, our health and safety will be ostensibly restored by the government (of course), but our freedoms will not be. They will be stripped away one by one, including our religious freedoms. It's already happening, without too much of an outrage at all from the greater culture.

If you don't think this is so, ask yourself (or a friend) a simple question: after you have received the vaccine, will you be that disturbed or outraged that those of us who refuse these vaccines are denied entry into a worship service or Mass? The answer you give should be enough proof to convince you that, despite all the pretenses of solidarity and appeals to the common good, the introduction of vaccine passports will be the Trojan horse that will destroy many communities, congregations, and parishes. We are being divided to be conquered.

To read the signs of the times, without the lens of faith and as merely a health crisis alone, will mean spiritual death to our faith communities at the hands of a health-cult - a cult which is girded by fear and intimidation and propelled by Big Pharma and bigger profits, seeking to imposes its communion with us through its own sacrament of "unity" and whose genesis depended on a murdered unborn child. One would hope that faithful Catholics (bishops included) who have "partaken" of these vaccines will not permit this "eighth sacrament" to become a sacrament of division, denying us our right to worship, in Spirit and in Truth, as One Body.

I am not comfortable in the land of "conspiracy theorists", but the real estate these days between conspiracy theorists on the right and the useful idiots on the left has become razor thin. There use to be a lot of land between these two extremes. There isn't that distance anymore. But for some reason, only the conspiracy theorist gets the negative press these days, and never the useful idiot who seems very quiet and hidden in the corner. If you are a "philanthropist" looking to make a lot of money out of this crisis, just send in the media dogs to bark out "conspiracy theorists" and the useful idiots will lap it up without much of a thought or critique. "Conspiracy theory" has become the magic incantation that sends "normal people" fleeing once it is uttered by wicked witch of the press. I wonder, though, would it do us any good to be reminded that Noah and his family were the first conspiracy theorists. Then the rains came, and washed away all the lies. When the rains came, the conspiracy theorists were standing on the Ark and the useful idiots were the ones drowning.

The idea behind this website is a simple one: assemble Catholic (and other Canadian) professionals to use their particular area of expertise to address this COVID juggernaut bearing down on us, question the Narrative being proposed, and be courageous enough to proclaim the truth where ever that might lead.

And this is how you can tangibly help us advance this cause in Canada....

For the general public:

  • Pray

  • Donate

  • Register on our website if you have not already done so.

  • Join our Facebook Group. (Eventually we will be kicked off, but for now that's where we are. That's why we need you to register on the website so we can implement a back up plan when the time comes to keep the lines of communication open.)

  • Tell others about us - in particular professionals

  • Suggest resource links

  • Send us "insider" or rare news stories (confidentiality assured)

  • Check back periodically to see what news items we are posting, including proprietary articles and videos.

  • Get ready to mobilize, when and if necessary >> Religious Liberty Rally is coming, sooner or later. Heck, it may already be too late since it won't be too long now before they start arresting us or hunting us down in basements because we went underground. The charge: "unauthorized worship by the great unwashed".

For the "professionals" and activists:

Specific "wish list" projects:

  • Develop a COVID Reporting Portal for Canada (independent of the government)

  • Compose an employment letter asserting our rights not to receive the vaccines

  • Create a one page "cheat sheet" with talking points

  • Create a comprehensive "Soup to Nuts" database of incontrovertible facts about the risks that COVID vaccines pose

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