How to treat COVID-19 in 48 hours


The basic principle of mine when undertaking to treat a patient suffering from COVID-19 is that the physician must be in constant contact with the patient, and the patient must give the physician a daily report about their health. I do not take any other scenario of treatment into account. COVID-19 is a very unpredictable and dangerous disease, which also happens to be lethal. Under no circumstances can the patient begin or discontinue treatment by themselves, doing so without consulting it with the physician.

The sooner the treatment is administered, the better because this way we cut down on the time of the negative impact of the virus on the body, and alleviate the aftermath complications. If we suffer from the specific symptoms, we can suspect the COVID-19 infection with a high rate of probability. My opinion is that the treatment involving the use of amantadine hydrochloride should be implemented without waiting for the test results. The test is to be taken regardless of the treatment. If the test result is positive and the patient suffers from the symptoms, the treatment is to be implemented immediately.



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