About Us

Catholic Uprising is a group of Canadian Catholics whose mission is to educate Canadians about the current COVID-19 crisis and the real and present threat to our freedoms because of imprudent and harmful actions of Canadian politicians.  In particular, we also seek to engage Canadian society to....


  • educate the public on the medical difference between conventional vaccines and mRNA gene therapy;

  • discuss the Catholic approach to vaccines in general and the potential ethical problems with some vaccines from a Catholic perspective;

  • highlight the negative physical and mental health consequences, complications, and risks of COVID-19 vaccines;

  • propose scientific and medical alternatives to counter the effects of COVID-19; 

  • expose the real threat to human dignity and freedom that COVID-19 vaccines and "vaccine passports" pose to our society;

  • draw attention to the proximate danger to freedom of association, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience from a legal and political perspective;

  • critique the State's disproportional and unbalanced actions and policies to address the current crisis;

  • engage with the Catholic Church and its leaders to impress on them the forthcoming conflict of those who choose not to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine experiment, but also wish to receive the sacraments as equal members without discrimination.

  • provide spiritual support and hope to counter the fear and anxiety that has been fostered, in part, by a hostile secularity.

Catholic Uprising also welcomes the support of all Canadians to assist us in furthering our work in ensuring that non-political and non-ideological science and respect for freedom of conscience are defended and maintained.  We encourage you to follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Rumble), spread the word about us, pray for our efforts, donate to offset our costs, and consider participating in our public initiatives.